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Shrink your large PDF files by converting them to DjVu

Its a known issue that PDF files containing many images can become horribly large. But there is a simple alternative to the PDF file format: DjVu files which use advance compression algorithms behave very much like their more popular big brother PDF, but convince with a reduced file size. When converting PDF to DjVu you can reduce the original file size by up to 90% without loosing any performance. DjVu files are the perfect alternative to PDF offering all advantages of an open file format. Are you convinced by the DjVu format?
Then you found the right place to start converting your PDFs to DjVu. Our modern online conversion utility offers the most modern and fastest algorithms to create optimzed DjVus out of any PDF! Its usage is extremely simple and straigt forward. The only thing you have to do is submitting a PDF and the rest will happen like magic. You can watch the conversion process in realtime and afterwards download and enjoy your freshly created DjVu. Our conversion service is completely free of charge and respects your privacy. We will not analyze or review your PDFs and store them only as long as necessary on our server. They will be deleted immediatelly after the conversion has been finsihed. In case you like the performance of our PDF to DjVu converter we invite you also to explore our series of free online file converters. Just check out the related converters and we are sure you will find an utilitiy for almost any purpose.